Automatic Caplsule Loder


Automatic Capsule Loader, Manufacturer of Automatic Capsule Loader Machine, Mumbai, India

Automatic caplsule loder

(More Efficient & Most Economical)
The equipment has been as ideal for medium/large scale pharmaceutical companies. The equipment is simple to operate it save time and labour. The automatic capsule loader is compact occupies minimum space, it gives higher production with much better standard of accuracy.

2. ADVANTAGE : Loader automatically loads empty capsule in the loading plate for manually operated capsule filling machine, hence it take normally 5 minutes to load empty capsule in 300 holes loading plate manually, this machine cuts down that time to only 30 second. It supplied filled loading plates for 2-3 capsule filling machine. Thus increase the production on one hand and reduce the number of operator on other hand.

3. OUTPUT Fill 300- holes plate in 30 seconds give an output of 36,000 capsule per/hour

4. INTERCHANGEABILITY The machine is Manufacturerd to suit the following capsule size combination 00/0/1/2/3 or 4/5

5. FEATURES Low investment high output Significant difference in your production department Simple to operate, can be handled by semi skilled person
No setting system for any change part

6. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION Drive ¼ h.p, 3 phase, 440 volts, the machine stop automatically after loading is complete

Dimension length - 630 mm
Width - 430 mm
Height - 780 mm
Weight - 75 kg

Tablet Capsule Liquid/ dairy section
Injectable Section Breavage & Winery machine

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