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Capsule Printing Machine

Feed disc and gravure rolls need to be changed to suit the shape and size of the product. Feed discs can be ordered with different numbers and sizes of pocket and can be interchanged in 5 minutes. Gravure rolls can also be ordered with any imprint and these are matched with the pocket spacing on the feed disc. Roll changing requires just one minute.

CAPSULE & TABLET SIZES: Tablets 3.175 to 12.7mm diameter. Capsules size 00 to 5 upto 25.4 mm long.

POWER & AIR REQUIREMENT: Power Supply - 230 volts single phase and 440 volts 3 phase. Compressed air requirement 4 cfm at 40 Psi

PRODUCTION RATES: (Dependent on diameter or length of item)

Length not exceeding Estimated production per hour
5.556 mm 90,000 To 120,000
10.319 mm 70,000 To 95,000
17.463 mm 45,000 To 60,000
25.400 mm 35,000 To 48,000

OPERATION: Operation is completely automatic. After initial set-up, operator has to only replenish tablets or capsules and ink reservoir, when required. It automatically feeds, positions, meters, imprints and ejects. Operation is controlled by a toggle switch and a foot pedal.

FEED DISCS AND GRAVURE ROLLS: Feed discs and gravure rolls can be ordered in any size in order to obtain most efficient production. Discs are available in 45 pockets. The smaller the piece, the more pockets can be used and the higher the production rate. Number of pockets on the feed disc determines spacing of the imprints etched on the gravure roll-each disc requires a matching roll. However, both discs and rolls are moderately priced and quickly changed. One machine equipped with several feed discs and gravure rolls is a fully flexible printer able to mark almost any tablet or capsule the Manufacturerr may wish to market.

PRINTS ON ANY SHAPE: Prints on almost any size or shape, on one side or both, in one colour or two of either empty or filled capsules.

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