Cream Filling Machine


  •  Easy adjustments of quantities.
  •  Positive cut-off value for drip free fillings.
  •  Can handle products of various viscositles in jars, containers and bottles of different shapes and sizes.
  •  Output upto 2000 containers/hr.
  •  Power input 0.75 K.W.
 You can experience all these features with variety of products like Creams, Paints, Emulsions, Adhesives, Lotions, Balms and Gums.


Cream stirring device, heating device, jar filling attachment, cartoner hook up, counting device, flange connection in place of hopper, stainless steel sterilisable pump, spring loaded tube holders etc. can be provided for specific requirements.

Thing to be noted.

Fully automatic filling and coding system for higher output.


Technical Specifications
Tubes per hour 2400-3600
1 Operator
Power Consumption
1 Kw
Floor space Occupied
1.2 x 0.7 m
Height Including Paste Container
1.7 m; ( 5′ – 7″ )
Height Excluding Paste Container
1.1 m. ( 3′ )
Net Weight
550 kgs (1200 Ibs)
Gross Weight
750 kgs (1650 Ibs)
Shipping Volume
3m3 (100 cu.ft)

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