Ropp Cap Sealing Machine

Product Description 

The reason behind producing consistently a superior quality product is customer satisfaction. With this in mind we are pleased to introduce our Ropp Cap Sealing Machine which deliver you a top notch efficiency in production. Experts at Vitro have taken tremendous amount of efforts to design and manufacture this machine with only thing in mind THE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. 


Technical Specifications
30 – 40 containers / minute [depends on efficieny of operator]
Container Size
8 mm – 25 mm neck diameter [vial and screw bottle heads can also be sealed]
Motor Power
0.5 HP, 440 volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.
Overall Dimensions (mm)
500 [d] x 550 [w] x 1300 [h]
Overall Case Dimensions
600 [d] x 650 [w] x 1400 [h]
Net Weight
200 Kgs

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