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Project Description



IPC bins or the integrated method bins square measure special kinds of containers utilized in the handling of special chemical powders, dusts and granular materials chiefly within the pharmaceutical industries. This method is finished to make a dirt free operation and guarantee no human contamination happens. there’s total management of containment, and cross contamination isn’t potential.Bin mixer may be a free fall mixer to fulfill the requirement if the amount of a instrumentality isn’t ok for the batch. it’s additionally helpful as a set clamped mixing instrumentality. It are often bespoke as per the necessities. The bin mixer will perform the installation & extension operate in spite of what the form of the bin like sq., rectangular, spherical or double cone. An IBC mixer (Intermediate Bulk Container) is associate extremely economical mixing and inter mixture instrumentality. The advantage of this instrumentality is that the irregular form which they will be charged or discharged removed from the mixer. The mixer won’t be contaminated with the merchandise throughout the method thence saving valuable time.Design Features The instrumentality is intended with cylindrical body and tapered bottom with an out sized sized lid for simple cleanup method. they’re made up of stainless-steel material like SS 316, and mounted onto plastic stands designed in keeping with the user needs.Bin Blender This may be a special style of instrumentality used closely with the IPC bin. it’s used for mixing of dry powders throughout pill and capsules producing. The bin mixer machine allows sensible lubrication of granules, blending, inter mixture or granules and material conveyance to alternative processes.The IPC containers, bins and lifters square measure developed to reduce and eliminate any human bit that will happen throughout the producing method. The IPC bins will vary in capability from fifteen liters mounting to 1500 liters in capability looking on the user specifications. The bins square measure designed to try and do swiveling movement of up to 360 Degrees and customized construction is feasible. The IPC bin loader is built with high volume preciseness and long lasting material, able to resist corrosion from the varied chemicals utilized in process.These loaders square measure used as precursors, and temporary holders to alternative processes like bag filling, pill pressing and alternative processes in pharmaceutical process and packing.

  • ¬†Available from 60 Ltrs.
  • To 1200 Ltrs.Available in cylindrical as well as square polygon shape.
  • cGMP with SS 316 contact parts.Sanitary design suitable for easy cleaning.
  • Inside and outsider welds ground to smooth finish and flush to mirror finish.
  • Outlet butterfly valve for ease in discharging the stored materials.
  • Tailor made construction available on demand.
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