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Mixing Tank

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Project Description

Mixing Tank

7.5 kw Large Volume Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks / PID Temperature Control
Quick Detail
Product Name Mixing Tank Motor Power 7.5KW
Dimension (mm) Temperature Control PID
Function Mixing the medicine or other liquid
Product Description

Mixing tank is used for mixing medicine or other fill material, making the material more smooth.The mixing tank is just like the gelatin service tank. Mixing tank is made of stainless steel . But it can be divided two types. One type can keep the temperature of the material and another type can not keep the temperature. Both of them have the function of stirring. But the former has three layers to keep temperature. However, the latter just has one layer, so it can not keep the temperature.


It’s widely used for pharmaceutical, dairy foods and fine chemical industry. It’s usually used together with the paintball or soft capsule encapsulation machine to manufacture beautiful paintballs or soft capsules.

Model 800L
Dimension(mm) Ф
Capacity(L) 800
Motor power (kw)
Temperature control PID
Gelatin supply Pressure Air / Gravity
Competitive Advantage
  1. Temperature controlled
  2. It’s convenient to open and move
  3. Keeping temperature
  4. Stainless steel storage tank
  5. Conforming to the requirements of GMP
Mixing Tank
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Mixing Tank
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