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Steam Sterilizer

//Steam Sterilizer
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Project Description

Steam Sterilizer

Horizontal Steam Sterilizer
Horizontal cylindrical sterilizer with an electric steam generator resting on a robust stand
Internal dimensions of cylindrical sterlizer in mm
Diameter Depth
400 600
400 1100
500 1100
600 1100
Horizontal Steam Sterilizer
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Rectangular Steam Sterilizer
Rectangular sterilizer with trolley loading
Internal dimensions of rectangular sterilizer in mm
Width Height Depth
600 600 1200
600 900 1500
90 900 1800
120 1200 2400
Rectangular Steam Sterilizer
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The above sizes are only indicative we can Manufacturer sterilizers as per client’s required dimensions.

The Steam Sterilizer can be operated either by steam supplied directly from your boiler, through a Pressure reducing valve or by a built in electrical steam generator depending on the size of the sterilizer and as the process demands.


The inner chamber of the sterilizer is fabricated from the best quality of stainless steel 316. The chamber is reinforced by “stays” on its outer periphery to give it added strength so as not to give way, even under dire circumstances. The doors are hinged, self aligning with radial “Shooting bolts”. A sensitive pressure locking system is provided so that the doors automatically lock under pressure.

The sterilizer may be supplied with manual operation or with automation, incorporating microprocessor / PLC controls leading to accurate, trouble-free and exact duplication of operations. Menu based programming with on-line limit checking thus, making programming simple as well as fool-proof. With the help of the built-in full function temperature scanner, logger and printer, periodic validation checks are not only obviated but instead, the system provides one with ON-LINE VALIDATION as well as EVENT LOGGING for all 24 hrs of the day, every day.

Steam Sterilizer
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Standard items provided with sterilizer
  • Pressure & Compound gauges
  • Dial type thermometer
  • Steam inlet valve for chamber
  • Safety valves
  • Steam ejector
  • Air vent line
  • Steam traps with check valves
  • Vacuum breaker for jacket.
Optional Items
  • High pressure High Vacuum Sterilizer
  • Pressure reducing valve
  • Rapid Heating system
  • Rapid cooling system
  • Thermograph
  • Microprocessor / PLC control system
  • Door interlocking system etc.