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Replacement, Cancellation & Refund Policy

/Replacement, Cancellation & Refund Policy
Replacement, Cancellation & Refund Policy 2022-11-23T08:05:38+00:00

Any Product, purchased from the Website, can be returned to the Company within fifteen (15) days of delivery of the same to User by placing a Cancel Order request by logging a call with
Company’s authorised person by phone on +91- 9920843536 OR by Email on our email id

Any Product purchased from the Website can be returned to the Company only if the Product supplied by the Company is the Product received is different from the Product that was ordered.

The User shall ensure that they the delivery of any Product if original packaging is good condition if seem to damaged or tampered in any manner purchaser can claim all damage charges from
insurance company.

Replacement Policy

In case of the product received other than the order given, then only it can be considered.